Talent HuntOur Approach
The Process
Identify talent
We able to identify talented young people by staging hunts/shows across states in country. talents can also upload a 60 seconds content in audio and video format to qualify.
Process line
Talents are giving a platform to excel to demonstrate why they should be on the platform
Process line
Qualified talents would be camped in Timeless Entertainment Factory Lagos also will be meeting the Judges who are also popular faces in the Nigerian Entertainment industry.
One Beat, One
  • Designed to help the young talents in the musical industry.
  • A musical beat is provided on a monthly basis for upcoming talents.
  • Download your Beat Genre.
  • Add your 60 second verse, send to us.
June Campaign
  • Designed to identify good actors, skit makers/content creators.
  • Identify shortfalls for upcoming producers, actors and actresses
Timeless Entertainment Studio -Lagos
Meet the JudgesMeet our team of carefully selected judges, together with there expertise would help shape our talents into superstars.
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Contact Us [email protected] +234 8159491618 instagram: TimelessEntertainmentFactory
logoTimeless Entertainment Factory is staging talent hunt shows across selected
states in Nigeria, showcasing exceptional talents
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